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    Picture & Location Based Activity
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About Loksewak

Loksewak App is an Innovative and Path breaking movement towards Good & Clean Governance. This App has not only ensured Employees doing their duties as expected but has also helped public to have better access and on time resolution to various government initiatives. Loksewak App ensures

  • Employees Correct Reporting Time
  • Reporting Location
  • Authenticity of Employee
  • Day to Day Monitoring of Work
  • Tours & Inspection
  • Task Completion
  • Leave Record

Loksewak App , was first implemented at Katni District by Collector Mr Vishesh Garhphale, it was a huge success as all Ten Thousand plus employees were using the App for marking Attendance & Field Work, in fact Mr Garphale set up an example by himself using it every day. It was connected to Salary Preperation as Salary was prepared based on the Report of Loksewak Attendance. Its successful implementation and results has made various Districts and Departments implementing it for them.


For Reporting Officer

CheckIn with Photo Confirmation

App takes your Pic as you CheckIn at field to ensure its you who is Present at that location.

Auto Sync on Net Connectivity

App Data gets loaded on server automatically whenever it gets net connectivity.

Portal at www.loksewak.in

reporting officer can login and see the Filed Report of his employees.He can see Notes posted by field staff.Can see how many employees have CheckedIn.

Get Activity

As the app takes the field location,manager gets the actual data and notes posted at that activity thru app by field person.

For Field Employee

Confirmtaion of Field Presence

By CheckinIn at the Field location,employee need not have to worry about marking attendance.

Activity @ Location

Employee can enter activity at any location which ensures that he has visited that place.

CheckIn CheckOut to mark field presence

By doing CheckIn and CheckOut from Field,daily attendence and work gets noted.


An unique app which lets you manage your Day-To-Day Field Work

Picture & Location Based Attendance

Mark your attendance by taking Selfie along with Location.

Auto Sync

All Mobile Data gets uploaded to web as soon as Mobile gets Net connectivity.

Track Field Presence

Tracks where ever you are by storing Longitude and latitude of that place and marks your physical presence.

Picture & Location Based Activity

Enter Activities with Progress & Real Time Status.

Manage Tasks & Notes

See your Tasks & Enter Notes.Can put notes for any date.

Track on Google Map

At www.loksewak.in you or your manager can see all the activities you have prformed from the time of CheckIn till CheckOut on google map.


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Active installs: More than 25,000+


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